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You've worked hard earning your degree.

Obtaining quality academic regalia / graduation caps and gowns shouldn't be a struggle.

Academic Caps and Gowns makes ordering graduation regalia E A S Y   with outstanding customer service, and IN STOCK and custom made academic caps and gowns, tams, graduation hoods, and doctoral and PhD robes.

We keep a full range of student cap and gown sets in stock for high school and kindergarten, bachelor's, master's and doctor's academic attire.

We also sell a higher quality faculty master's gown and doctoral robe, and deluxe and custom quality graduation gowns, such as the custom doctoral gowns pictured below.

Academic Cap and Gowns offers both traditional academic regalia and specialized / custom doctoral regalia.

We also carry a full line of mortarboards and tassels, velvet tams for doctors, and academic hoods (doctoral hoods, master's hoods, etc.)

Additional information about the different types of graduation regalia we offer can be obtained by clicking its link, or you can contact our office directly.

Faculty members: Miss the ordering date in your local bookstore, but still want a quality doctoral cap and gown? We keep deluxe PhD gowns IN STOCK, as well as doctoral tams and graduation hoods, and we accept late orders.

Our graduation gift department supplies individual tassels, honor chords, honor stoles, key chain tassels, and other academic gifts for the graduate in your life.

We're reachable by phone (412-422-GOWN), fax and e-mail for all your capandgown / academic regalia requirements.


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Custom doctoral regalia
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Doctoral Robe (theology), velvet tam

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